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We are one of the UK's leading animal nutrition companies specialising in the development of forage and animal nutrition products based on microbial and enzyme technologies.

Our product range:

Forage and Grain

On-Farm Feed Additives

Lallemand Animal Nutrition

We hope you find our website a useful source of information. If you have any further questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact us.

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Sugar cane used for silage in Brazil. Very high sugar levels can lead to high alcohol levels (24%) unless treated. http://t.co/e2nqQNxs1G
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RT @HefinR: @KWfeeds @BiotalUK Rule no 1 - do not drive on the Trafford Gold. Rule no 2 - see Rule no 1! http://t.co/lMspuDOYxf
03-Jul-2015 08:11:24

RT @HefinR: Wholecrop winter barley under grey skies @BiotalUK @KWfeeds http://t.co/rkqkW97RpW
03-Jul-2015 08:11:03


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